Indian Flava Lyrics - Brodha V

Indian Flava - Brodha V

Singer: Brodha V, Chinmay Nadig
Guitars: Akash Shivakumar
Drums: Peter Joshua
Flute: Arjun MPN

Indian Flava Lyrics

I'm a scientific find that is supposedly
Known to be enhancing gamma rays when exposed to me
My foes to be, have woken up the rogue in me
So imma make sure you kids never provoke another dope MC
On this mic I bring severe impact
And be a burden to MCs who want careers in rap
Nobody even know the last time your mixtapes dropped
But I drop a single a year and manage to still stay hot
Surely are an imbecile when you call me your rival
Cuz every diss I throw at you has you swallowing I-Pills, yo

With passion and zeal
Kicking you between your legs
So hard, even your grandson will squeal
Hidden in my vocabulary are bombs and arsenals
Verbally assaulting live pythons in Parseltongue, yo

When you grab the mic, people wanna turn away
Cuz you spit rhymes weaker than Stephen Hawking's vertebrae
What I'm saying is as simple as this
Y'all are always meant to stay low like impotent
Internet thugs, look, I suggest you relax
Cuz a broken contraceptive's the only protection you have
My lyrical content be giving you nightmares
Forever and beyond
You'll never be able to be on the level that Brodha V be on
Trust me, imma leave you battered and beaten
See, my fans are a legion
Who'll even massacre demons
Defeat an army of Satan's
Have him embarrassed and leaking
So, come looking for beef when I send you back as a vegan, yo

Make way, Brown people in the zone
Mic check, we're bringing you a storm
This is that Indian Flava
Saawariya Re (x2)

Carving your minds with embroideries of the skilled
I watch the horror as blood from your arteries spill
I'm born to be ill
Pre warn the targets I kill
Respect comes uninvited for I'm awfully real

I make a superhero look so super flaccid
I dilute my alcohol with Hydrofluoric Acid, and I
Attract a shorty, we're back to party
Let me grab a mic, who wanna see me blast somebody?
Its the display of dominance
Tyrant of subcontinent
Girls around my abdomen
I'm astonishing
Provident, when enraged, I combust like Hydrogen
And rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, I'm alive again
Macha from Bangalore, Never tire fans
Got a flow smoother than a Dosa on a frying pan
Bring the Dead Sea to life, I'm apprehensive as a yogi
You try to reach my level, but you end up acrophobic, uh

Make way, Brown people in the zone
Mic check, we're bringing you a storm
This is that Indian Flava
Saawariya re (x4)

Saawariya re